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5 Types of B2B Testimonials that Generate More Leads

Marketing for B2B companies has always been challenging. The vast majority of marketing techniques and avenues are targeted at the mass of consumers. Old-school outbound marketing techniques are especially consumer-focused with little to no ability to reach the managers and c-suite executives that make the sourcing decisions that matter. So it’s no wonder why inbound marketing has become such a hit among manufacturing companies looking for an effective marketing strategy. As it turns out, those managers and c-suites use the same search engine for their product and software research as they do when looking for a mattress or a new water bottle.

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Well-Oiled B2B Lead Generation Machine

Generating quality leads has become a core marketing goal for many B2B organizations. As sales cycles and buyer journey’s lengthen, you have to make sure that you’re with them every step of the way. By getting potential customers and clients into your database early, you can prepare for regular touch points designed to ultimately improve your chances of closing the deal.

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Building Your Customer Persona to Help Determine Your Target Audience on LinkedIn, AdWords and Facebook

In marketing, you need to identify the core demographic to whom you want to steer your message, but it can be costly and time-consuming to go too deep with different demographic profiles to determine your ideal customers. It is a better use of time and many to create targeted profiles of who your customers are, which can be changed as time goes on and your customers evolve. An ideal demographics that you’re aiming to reach is known as a customer persona, and coming up with a persona can make your marketing efforts easier and more effective by targeting your message at a particular consumer who needs your product or service.

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Delivering as many SQLs as possible

Marketing and sales are becoming harder and harder as the consumers have more and more options. They are constantly being bombarded with efforts to attract their attention which makes it harder to stand out. Even when the product and demand are a good match, the consumer may have some other extraneous factor holding them up from making the purchasing decision. That is why sales qualified leads (SQLs) are so crucial to organizations. These are the highest converting leads and must be maximized to increase revenue. For that reason, companies need to look for methods to deliver the highest number of SQLs possible.

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Long is in. Short is out. Now is the time to switch over to expanded text ads.

Are you still stuck with standard text ads?

Well, you can’t be, going forward.

Search and digital ad giant Google has rolled out its new ad format called the ETA (Extended Text Ads) that now becomes the default norm. Although the search engine results pages (SERPs) will continue to display a mix of both these types of ads, Google is soon going to do away with the standard text ads.

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