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Achieve superior marketing returns on the world’s most reputed advertising platform
with our highly fine-tuned campaign performance strategy.

The science and art of tapping the biggest Ad platform in the world

Google AdWords offers speed in marketing results which SEO cannot offer. When done right, it can give astonishing returns on your marketing spend. But the platform evolves constantly and yields itself best only to the most sharp-witted and perceptive marketers. If not done well, it can become a source of bleeding your marketing budget. Loose ends like not tracking the conversions, not using CLV in budget planning, messaging errors, landing page bloopers etc. can render the platform ineffective. Our Google AdWords team has enough experience and insights, gained through scores of campaigns, to ensure a tightly controlled and well-executed campaign is launched.

How Highpurple delivers such performance

  • We clearly define your Google AdWords goals based on a realistic assessment of your budget and marketing objectives.
  • Clearly identify your audiences
  • Developing effective messaging options
  • Real-time testing and feedback
  • Highly targeted campaigns to maximise returns
  • Open up new opportunities and segments

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Complete campaign strategy, planning and execution
  • Detailed product and competitor analysis
  • Building targeted keywords for identified segments
  • Smart bidding for optimizing returns on each part of the campaign
  • Developing messaging options
  • Real-time testing of ads and landing pages before launch
  • Campaign monitoring, reporting and analytics
  • Constant ROI measurement and optimization


How do you begin with the process of content marketing? (Or What are the first few steps after the sign-up?)

The process of content marketing setup begins with a comprehensive assessment of your customers, competitors and the brand’s marketing assets. The next step is to understand your marketing goals and design a campaign to accomplish them.

How are you different from other content marketing agencies?

For one, we don’t operate in silos. Our entire creative and execution team works and acts in one single direction; towards your goals. We don’t lean on past performance or others’ case studies. Every solution is bespoke. Above all, our team is indeed one of the best in the industry, which will drive itself to the edge to deliver on the promises.

What are your fees?

As we said, we offer bespoke solutions. Get in touch with us, we will design a custom package for you.

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