Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A complete performance-driven strategy to optimize your
marketing ROI that is tailored around your budget.

The art of maximizing customer actions

PPC or simply, the paid advertising, when done well, can be a great tool to build sales leads, generate revenue and achieve growth. But unlike organic efforts, it can empty your budget if sufficient care is not taken to optimize it. Companies often ignore certain important things in the process that result in irrelevant or wasteful spending; not implementing the conversion tracking or not using CLV, not choosing keywords properly, low quality content et al. Our PPC team brings all the right tools and insights to ensure the performance increases even as the campaign takes off to its peak.

How Highpurple delivers such performance

  • We map your business goals with the PPC strategy
  • Optimize your budget to meet your business goals
  • Open up new opportunities, new markets and mediums of advertising

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Identification of appropriate channels of advertising as per your target audience
  • Set up the right tracking to monitor and optimize performance as per the estimated ROI
  • Campaign Planning and Setup
    1. Detailed research of product and competitors
    2. Developing options for targeting
    3. Messaging options for each of the channels
    4. Ongoing optimization of copy & creatives
  • Campaign Reporting, Monitoring & Optimization: Regular monitoring to ensure better allocation of budget for higher ROI
  • Paid advertising for
    1. Google AdWords
    2. Bing
    3. Facebook
    4. Twitter
    5. Retargeting/Remarketing
    6. YouTube
    7. Mobile and many more


What guarantees do you offer with our spends?

Though we don’t offer any guarantee of results, we offer complete reporting and monitoring to ensure transparency.

How PPC Advertising actually works?

PPC is an advertising medium where you pay the host (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.) for advertising on their search or product pages which are relevant for your product or service. When your potential customer clicks on a PPC ad, you will be charged a fee which is called ‘cost-per-click’. The user, in turn, is directed towards your website or online store.

How long does it take to get the results?

Since it is a paid effort, the results begin to flow-in within a few days of the launch of the campaign. But to fulfil your desired goals, it typically takes about three months.

How do you charge for PPC Advertising?

We work on monthly retainer, based on the advertising spend or a fee proportionate to the effort involved.

How different are you from other PPC agencies?

We have perfected the art of PPC Advertising over a time. Our repository of experience is vast. We have helped both big firms and small funded startups benefit from this advertising format. Above all, we understand that PPC is not just about the discipline of spending but the art of communicating too!

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