E-Commerce Marketing

Optimizing marketing performance for higher conversions, reduce cart abandonment, revive audience engagement.

A higher-ROI with higher conversions

E-commerce is coming of age with a growth that is nearly unparalleled in any other industry. It presents with a unique opportunity to engage with customers and convert the interaction into a transaction. And yet, marketers are still struggling to optimize their returns on their marketing investment. Key challenges include irrelevant metrics, funnel bottlenecks, not understanding shopping behaviour, engaging with less-yielding audience segments et al. Our E-commerce marketing team is equipped with the latest trends, tools and insights to ensure every buck you spend on marketing your portal works for you.

How Highpurple delivers on E-Commerce

  • A firm hold on the latest E-commerce trends
  • Equipped with cutting-edge tools to optimize conversions
  • Insights from scores of campaigns to guide you from the day zero

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Complete E-Commerce set up from UI & UX to Analytics and Monitoring
  • Better marketing performance through
    1. Shopping behaviour analysis
    2. Checkout behaviour analysis
    3. Identifying the shortest conversion multi-channel path
    4. Identifying highest converting audience segment
    5. Tracking user journey
    6. Multi-channel funnels
    7. Channel attribution
    8. YouTube
    9. Mobile and many more
  • Superior messaging


Do you guarantee conversions?

Though we don’t offer any guarantee, we offer complete reporting and monitoring to ensure transparency.

How do you charge for E-Commerce marketing?

We work on monthly retainer, based on the advertising spend or a fee proportionate to the effort involved.

How are you different from other E-commerce marketing agencies?

Unlike most agencies obsessed with impressions, shares etc., we are totally focussed on achieving higher returns for your spend through better conversions. We understand that all the elements of marketing have a place in the E-Commerce strategy.

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