Facebook Advertising

Tap into the power of a vast audience reach and the social context of conversations to
build your brand and optimize returns on your advertising.

Making a better sense of conversations

Facebook is a goldmine of network and unparalleled social data. The platform is rich not only in conversations but also in news, gaming, e-Commerce and more. Every day can be a field day for marketers on Facebook, exploring new opportunities through targeted branding and advertising opportunities.

The millions of Likes and Shares on the platform generate enough information for marketers to build their brand. It has the potential to influence the pre-buying cycle of customers too. Facebook advertising tools offer targeting options based on

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Likes & Shares
  • Connections
  • Friends
  • Status updates
  • Custom Audiences and more

As with any other form of PPC Advertising, here too there is a risk of bleeding out the marketing budget too soon, if not done right. Not doing A/B tests, not setting up conversion tracking, unintelligent bidding, poor messaging et al. can dampen the otherwise powerful platform. The team at Highpurple ensures a well-planned and well-researched execution that aims at optimizing the potential of the platform for your business.

How Highpurple delivers such performance

  • We clearly define your Facebook advertising goals based on a realistic assessment of your budget and marketing objectives.
  • Be one-up with the latest Facebook advertising trends
  • Clearly identify your audiences
  • Use cutting-edge Facebook advertising tools
  • Developing effective messaging options based on the context of social conversations
  • Testing and feedback
  • Highly targeted campaigns to maximise returns
  • Open up new opportunities and segments

What Highpurple delivers

  • Complete campaign strategy, planning and execution
  • Detailed product and competitor analysis
  • Developing multiple messaging options
  • Testing of ads and landing pages before launch
  • Campaign monitoring, reporting and analytics
  • Constant ROI measurement and optimization


Do you guarantee results?

Though results cannot be guaranteed, we ensure complete visibility into our efforts and help you understand the quality of our work.

How long does it take to get results?

Three months is the usual time taken to yield the results with a paid campaign on Facebook.

How are you different from other Facebook advertising agencies?

For one, we don’t dwell only on the campaign level. Our grip on Facebook trends and tools helps us build a lasting legacy for your brand. Our knowledge of tools is complemented by our vast experience and insights acquired through our work for start-ups, mid-range firms and even big global conglomerates.

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