Growth Driven Design

Design that constantly evolves to keep meeting your marketing goals with incremental effectiveness.

Letting the data drive the design.

And not your or our opinion. It’s a cliché, but we are going to say it, ‘web is a constant beta’. The traditional design approach to websites and pages is slow, static and costly. The Growth Driven Design (GDD) approach recognises that insights gather over time and thus improvements have to be done over time. So instead of the ‘let’s-figure-it-all-at-once’ mindset, we allow data to talk to design and change the versions in favour of better conversions. This helps you launch the best version faster and keep the improvement process on through measurement, re-iteration and action. Instead of the big-bang spend, your investment too will be spread out. Our team uses data and audience-driven analysis for site launch or re-design.

How Highpurple delivers the Growth Driven Design

  • We use the Agile development process to arrive at a GDD strategy
  • Arriving at the next best version of the current design
  • Continuous iteration using data and audience analysis

What Highpurple Delivers

  • A complete audit of your current design
  • Using analytics data to arrive at the elements of redesign
  • World-class redesign and relaunch of your site
  • Mapping conversion goals with design iterations to reach peak performance


Do you offer guarantees with conversions after a reiteration?

We cannot guarantee results, but we do stand by the quality of our work.

What are your fees?

GDD is a bespoke solution. Get in touch with us; we will develop a custom package for you.

How are you different from other agencies?

Most other agencies use traditional web design methodology that is ineffective and costly. Our team has the insights and experience to bring about faster iterations that meet your marketing outreach goals and timelines.

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