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Building your brand through high visibility traffic

The old ways of doing SEO are long gone. Search engines have become a lot smarter. SEO has to now deliver content that is highly engaging, gets discovered at the right places online and ultimately brings relevant traffic that contributes to a measurable growth.

How Highpurple delivers the new SEO

  • A constant tab on Search Engine Optimization trends
  • Analysis of Search Engine Demand
  • A sharp SEO strategy that combines high-quality content with the best SEO practices and tools
  • A complete overhaul of every aspect of your Onsite & Offsite elements that contribute to the relevant traffic
  • Setting Measurable SEO Goals

SEO Services that Highpurple delivers

  • Search Engine Optimization Consulting
  • SEO Audit and Campaign Management
    1. UX audit
    2. Link profile audit
    3. Site crawl & broken links review
    4. Web analytics set up
    5. Deploying SEO Tools
    6. Content audit
  • Search Console Integration: insights on SEO with respect to Landing Pages, Device and Geographic Organic Performance.
  • SEO Monitoring Reports
  • Local SEO


How fast can we see the results?

Unlike the paid marketing, SEO is organic in nature and takes time. Typically from our experience, we have seen that it takes about 5 to 6 months for the efforts to start yielding the desired results.

Can you guarantee the results?

We never guarantee results. But we promise, no stone will be left unturned.

How are you different from other Search Engine Optimization agencies?

We have optimized every type of business; start-ups, big firms, e-commerce, online marketplaces, listing websites, and travel websites. We are specialists because we constantly learn and improvise for every client. And we have a dedicated team that keeps the library of SEO knowledge well stacked.

How do you measure results?

Increase in traffic and contribution to conversions.

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