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Bespoke solutions for advertising on Amazon that help you acquire more customers and sell more.

Sell more efficiently on Amazon

There are 150 million registered users on Amazon in India alone and is gearing up to add the next 100 million to its base. If you want to tap into the vast potential of e-Commerce in India, then Amazon is your best bet. Similar to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising, an advertiser is charged whenever a user clicks on a sponsored product listing on Amazon. Advertising options are available for both the regular search results and contextual related-product pages. Since this is a paid marketing effort, there are risks of exhausting the marketing budget if not done right; keyword targeting, messaging and the entire strategy has to be custom-made for each product context.

Our team brings all the right Amazon Advertising tools and insights to ensure your product is on the rising graph of sales.

How Highpurple delivers on Amazon

  • We clearly define your Google AdWords goals based on a realistic assessment of your budget and marketing objectives.
  • We map your product goals with the Amazon
  • Advertising strategy
  • In-depth product research
  • Awesome messaging aimed at conversions

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Complete planning and execution
  • Analysis of your product and competitors
  • Ad copy creation and testing
  • Optimization of messaging options
  • Campaign tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • ROI measurement and optimization
  • Discovering new opportunities


What guarantees do you offer with our spends?

Though we don’t offer any guarantee of results, we ensure all efforts are made for the success of your campaign.

How Amazon Advertising actually works?

Similar to other forms of PPC advertising, you place a sponsored product listing on Amazon (for a product listed on Amazon). When a user clicks on your sponsored ad, you are charged a fee. The user is directed to the product page where the purchase can be initiated.

How do you charge for Amazon Advertising?

We offer a bespoke strategy for every customer. Get in touch, so we can discuss and offer a customized solution for your products.

How different are you from other PPC agencies?

We have perfected the art of PPC Advertising over a time. Our repository of experience is vast. We have helped both big firms and small funded start-ups benefit from this advertising format. Above all, we understand that PPC is not just about the discipline of spending but the art of communicating too!

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