Lead Generation

A comprehensive multi-channel strategy to generate qualified leads and
maximize the productivity of the sales funnel.

Power the funnel, boost your sales opportunities

Lead Generation activity ties-in multiple approaches and channels of marketing to power-up the sales funnel with qualified leads that can translate into promising sales opportunities. It is a culmination of all the branding efforts and a beginning of the focus on marketing returns. Marketers are often faced with the challenges of relevancy of leads, unqualified leads, a lack of proper lead nurturing program, poor messaging and a struggle with attribution and ROI. Our PPC team and SEO team bring all the right tools and insights to help build sales leads, generate revenue and achieve growth. Lead Generation is a budget-intensive activity; planning and execution hold the key to success.

How Highpurple delivers Lead Generation services

  • We map your revenue goals with the Lead Generation Strategy
  • Clearly define metrics for measurement
  • Open up new opportunities, markets and mediums of advertising

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Identification of appropriate channels of advertising as per your target audience
  • Set up the right tracking to monitor and optimize performance as per the estimated ROI
  • Campaign Planning and Setup
    1. Detailed research of product and competitors
    2. Developing options for targeting
    3. Messaging options for each of the channels
    4. A/B Testing
    5. Ongoing optimization of copy & creatives
  • Campaign Reporting, Monitoring & Optimization: Regular monitoring to ensure better allocation of budget for higher ROI
  • Lead nurturing through education and other marketing tools
  • Campaign Reporting, Monitoring & Optimization: Regular monitoring to ensure better allocation of budget for higher ROI
  • Lead Generation configuration through
    1. Google AdWords
    2. Bing
    3. Facebook
    4. Twitter
    5. Retargeting/Remarketing
    6. YouTube
    7. Mobile
    8. Email


What guarantees do you offer with our spends?

Though we don’t offer any guarantee of results, but we do not spare any efforts to maximize relevant leads for you.

How Lead Generation actually works?

Lead Generation service deploys a multi-channel PPC Advertising (AdWords, Facebook PPC, etc.) and SEO to generate qualified leads. These leads can be in-turn used by your sales team or nurtured through the sales funnel to be taken to closure.

How do you charge for Lead Generation service?

It is a bespoke solution. Get in touch with us. We will generate a customized strategy and pricing for you.

How are you different from other Lead Generation agencies?

Our team has a complete grip on the entire value chain of the marketing process to ensure qualified leads are generated from multiple channels. We are specialists in each of the marketing avenues, and yet we work as one team to help you achieve your funnel goals.

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