Google Analytics

Actionable insights for your business through a better understanding of the marketing performance of products, content and campaigns.

Performance is in the details, so is the disaster

Measure every marketing effort you undertake online. With Google Analytics, you can measure the individual and collective performance of different marketing channels including – Organic, Social, Paid, Influencer, Affiliate, Referral, Email, etc. in meeting your ROI goals. However, most marketers depend on standard templatized data. But insights which are valuable to your business are hidden deep inside the analytics. With an extensive experience in running campaigns and improving results, our data analysts and campaign heads can help you discover deep insights about your business and marketing performance.

How Highpurple delivers Google Analytics services

  • Plan, execute and deliver a complete Google Analytics strategy
  • Up-to-date with the latest Google Analytics trends
  • Insights that can be used to carry out specific marketing actions

What Highpurple Delivers

  • Standard and Custom reports and segmentation
  • Complete web diagnostics
  • Acquisition efficiency reports
  • Device insights
  • Performance and Optimization insights
  • E-commerce insights
  • Channel and campaign performance measurement and insights
  • Content performance insights
  • Tag manager
  • Goal and event interaction
  • SEO and AdWords insights
  • Social media performance analysis report and much more


Do you offer Google Analytics as a service?

We can offer it both as a standalone service and as a part of the digital marketing services.

What are your fees?

The fee depends on your depth of requirements on insights and reporting. Get in touch with us, so we can discuss and understand to give you a package that fits your needs.

How are you different from other Google Analytics agencies?

Our team has worked on multiple campaigns, both small & big. We have helped customers meet their revenue goals through a deeper understanding of the underlying metrics. Unlike most agencies, we don’t restrict ourselves to standard reports thrown up by Google. We go beyond and tie-in all the marketing efforts for measurement through analytics to give you the complete picture.

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