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Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report – The Cliffs Notes

It’s baack! Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report, that is…

The much anticipated report full of data, details and if you know what to look for, insights into where the IoT is headed. That is the kind of information that can be useful for businesses, owners and especially marketers. Half of the battle in marketing has always been, “being where they are at,” and even getting there ahead of them!

“Them” of course refers to internet users, which by the way has now exceeded half of the world’s population. Those users equate to an audience and hopefully potential customers. That’s enough from us, here are the key takeaways that marketers will want to highlight and use from Meeker’s report.

Key Points of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

  • Smartphone Shipments: While this first key takeaway might sound alarming, it isn’t a scary as it initially sounds in lieu of the other key takeaways. The Meeker report revealed that global new smartphone shipments failed to grow for the first time ever. If you read between the lines, you will see that this also means that there is a considerable and increasing prevalence of smartphones today. Take note, these numbers are being strongly influenced by the developing world. In case there was any doubt (and there wasn’t), that you should be focusing on a highly mobile audience, this settles it.
  • Time Spent Online: The continued mobile movement and the aforementioned usage of smartphones means people are spending more time online. How marketers process this information will depend on their current campaign strategies. What is certain is this, the need to have an online presence and an effective online marketing strategy from content and design to SEO has never been more important.
  • The Privacy Paradox: There is a conflict of interest brewing and the ironic thing is that what people want is the impetus behind the issue! People want personalized content. They want experiential marketing, the numbers and success rates of these tactics don’t lie. They also want, however, privacy. How that marketing experience and personalized approach is developed relies on user data and information. This is where the demand for privacy presents a quandary for obtaining that data and information. Marketers will be well advised to use a good deal of reassurance when talking to their customers, because they still need to know they are safe in cyberspace.
  • What Did You Say? The Meeker Report announced in an eye catching statistic, that voice recognition was up to 95% accuracy in some cases. Wherever your marketing efforts are applying technological innovation, perhaps an investment in voice technologies is worth a look as well?
  • E-commerce Still Growing: The Meeker Report stated that E-commerce accounted for 13% of all retail sales. When that one online store, Amazon finally arrived as one of the world’s leaders, it made everyone take a second look at e-commerce. Last year a Forbes article reported that…

“Amazon is now the world’s third-largest retailer… .”

  • A Battle of Giants on the Horizon: Five years ago few would have seen or predicted what appears to be a battle of retail giants on the horizon. It isn’t the fight for supremacy that is surprising, it is who the contenders are that is rather shocking. The aforementioned e-commerce giant Amazon clearly has mad a push for dominance. There’s a version of Amazon in China, a company known as Alibaba. Here is the interesting thing, while Amazon unsurprisingly paced Alibaba in total revenue, Alibaba moved more total merchandise – and they are growing! Looks like Walmart may have some company at the top.
  • Time for a Renewal? Companies have used subscription models for longer than most of us have been alive. When the idea of translating that model into a digital one began, it wasn’t a catchy or fast moving concept. According to the Meeker Report, things are changing. 43% and 48% – those numbers represent the subscription increase for Netflix and Spotify respectively. This speaks volumes about the direction of digital subscriptions today!
  • Supply and Demand Shouting for Platforms: The onslaught of mobile devices, connection technologies, bigger screens, it all is a demand for more and better mobile platforms. More people want to share, view video and stream and as the Meeker Report shows, there is a demand for more platforms.
  • WiFi Adoption: There has been a massive spike in wifi adoption and usage rates over the past several years. The mobile movement and amazing advances in technology are obviously empowering this exploding avenue of access. Everyone today wants to be connected, just not connected.

A Few Other Key Points

As is always the case with Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Reports, there is simply too much information, data and detail to cover in one sitting. Statistics like an 82% rise in conversions for customers using chat options are revealed. These and many other in-depth info graphics fill the 290-plus slide presentation.

If you have the time and want to explore Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report, you can see it here. There is information covering the success and use of apps in business and even considerable discussion about those rumblings in China.

Content Data and Tech to Drive Your Success

Valuable information like that found in the Meeker Report, is power and means to make your marketing strategy better. Content designed specifically for your audience and data that helps you define your content and your audience is key. Follow that with the technology to deliver that content and employ those strategies and you have a winning combination.

If you want to nurture leads faster and amp up sales, understanding and using insights like those availed here can be vital. Information is power, provided that power is in knowledgeable and experienced hands. Experienced marketers look forward to this report because it equips them with the kind of data and evidence they can use.

Use statistics and data like that found in the Meeker report to help build Buyer Personas and create demographics to help you understand and see your customers. Tools like these and practices like psychographic profiling to target your audience and align your message with your customer’s buying journey will deliver results.

Those results will look like more customers, increased revenue and a better business.