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How to create “Killer Content” that sells?

Content marketing, by its very definition, refers to engaging the target customer groups through valuable pieces of content. It is not enough to fill the web pages of your business with random, heavy content; the content that you publish must possess the ability to bring in tangible benefits for the business by communicating a clear and specific message to your target group.

Killer content brings great benefits to your business such as generating more inbound traffic to your site, increasing engagement with the target audience, lead generation, building link popularity, brand building and establishing you as an authority in your business domain. To help you create goal-driven, audience-focussed content for your business that will not only engage your target consumer groups, but also encourage them to respond to your call-to action, check mark your content with the following.

Create content that is original and actionable
Too much of duplicate content is being generated now-a-days. Tools can make you pass through the plagiarism check but users won’t. A great content has original thoughts in its roots. It need not be a big discovery or a path breaking thought. But it can be original in its approach and be thought provoking. Additionally the content needs to be actionable. It should have information, tips, techniques which can be applied by readers almost effortlessly.

Incorporate hot topics
News from across the globe, in your specific domain or something that is locally important, calls to be shared. Find out what is hot in the market and discuss these trends and happenings with your users. It is an added bonus if the latest trend is directly related to your product or service, so remember to make such pieces of information a publishing priority.

Create a great headline!
The best way to capture the attention of your audience is by using an interesting and unique headline. The headline must communicate the intent, nature and a general idea of what the audience can expect from your content. Spend time crafting carefully worded titles; the main objective of a clever headline is to entice readers into reading more of the content. So do not give it all away in the headline. Save some mystery for the post itself.

Find the right keywords and use them wisely
Businesses often struggle to find those right set of keywords for which they should optimize their content. Start with a thorough keyword research and analyse the competition. If you can budget it, spend a bit to find out which keywords work for you through a PPC campaign. The keywords that give you the best conversions are the most suited. But do account for the competition and choose right mix of keywords that give both short term returns and long term branding.

Create a voice that customers can relate to
While it is important to have content that is dynamic, remember not to be on the wrong spectrum of versatility. Inconsistency in your tone and messaging will confuse your target audience. Consumers are drawn to a sense of familiarity – they wish to be associated with brands and businesses that they can relate to. You can start by identifying someone in your own organization whose voice and tone matches that of the customer and ask him what he would like to read about.

Use images and videos that evoke imagination
Enough has been said about images. But one thing is clear. The right image registers the content deeply and allows users to relate to the brand and its promises. Stock images are fine for campaigns but a custom design is essential to capture the essence of the content. Spice up your content with images, videos, infographics and diagrams. Be aware of the copyrighted images if you are using it from the Net.

Invest wisely in good writers
While it is tempting to cut costs by opting for content creators who are halfway across the globe, charging a paltry amount, it is unwise to bargain too much if you want good content. Content marketing calls for smart investment; identify good contributors who can provide wholesome, unique and high quality content instead of settling for the bargain price.

Strategize and implement a content ‘Like’ cycle
A structured approach to creating and publishing content produces results, as compared to content that is created for the sake of it. Spend some time in getting to know your audience, their likes and preferences, and the tools they use to interact with brands and businesses. Clearly state your goal and purpose using comprehensive content – a variety of post formats shared on various channels – to create an integrated content marketing strategy. It is also vital to analyse your performance and continuously reinvent your content strategy. According to Custom Content Council, approximately 55% of consumers are attracted to custom content; they are also most likely to buy the products and services of the content provider. Therefore, remember to keep your content real, simple, readable and engaging.