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Google Takes the Analytics Game a Notch Higher with Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers

A new product is being launched for Enterprise marketers by Google which is a direct challenge to Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and other such similar services. It is Analytics 360 Suite.

What this product is all about?
This Analytics suite will include Google Analytics Premium (now known as Google Analytics 360) and Adometry (now known as Attribution 360) with its enterprise-class version of Google’s Tag Manager along with three new products viz., Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Optimize 360 all rolled into one solution for marketers.

It offers a new solution to the marketers to help them to work in a much more efficient manner in a multi-screen world. The product seems to target primarily marketers from large organizations whose marketing efforts are based on their vast repository of data that is generated. It is all about knowing customer’s journey towards conversion.

The service includes six different applications which are integrated with each other and are meant to help marketers so that one can get involved with right users at right time thus helping advertisers know the journey of their customers in a better way.

Currently, the users are logging into multiple devices at multiple times leaving behind a digital footprint scattered across devices, times, and geographies. The new tool makes one of the boldest attempts to unify this data and present a single view that makes sense for decision makers. All these days, marketers talked about and practiced integrated marketing, but it was never based on an integrated view of the customer, who apparently happens to be evolving continuously.

More coming from Google
Apart from this Suite, Google also is about to launch Audience Centre 360 which is a database management platform that is integrated with Google’s other tools and these can also pull in data from third-party providers.

Another product Optimize 360 from Google will ease the task of running A/B tests on their sites. This will help marketers to get the best version of the text / image snippets. One must recall that leading e-Commerce companies like are already using such technologies to enhance their conversion rates. Among these, one of the most interesting products is Google Data Studio 360 where all data visualization and analysis takes place. It is powered by BigQuery- Google’s data analytics platform.

There are several other rebranded versions of Google products like Tag Manager, Analytics, and Attribution which will now have additional features in next couple of months. At present, these products viz., Audience Center, Data Studio, Optimize and Tag Manager are in beta stage.

Google Analytics Premium and Adometry users will soon get a message to join these betas in coming days.