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Gone and Done in 6 Seconds: Branding with Vine

In the age of limited attention spans and information overload on the web, cutting past the clutter through innovative ways is key for businesses. In this context, platforms that allow brands to engage with consumers without overwhelming them with too much of content are ideal.

Vine, with its limitless video editing possibilities in a limited time frame, is a great tool for brands to leverage. With the millennials in control of a greater chunk of spending power, it is vital to create targeted messages that communicate in a simple, yet appealing way. And what better way to do this than with a brilliantly edited and branded video spanning just six seconds? Here are the WHYs and HOWs you need to know to incorporate Vine into your branding strategy.

#1 Creative videos
A superbly edited looping video is a great way to get your brand message across. Visually appealing messages work best as they occupy a top-of-the-mind place in the consumer’s memory, and you want your brand there! Experiment with various formats and video types such as product features, brand ambassador messages, GIF videos with audio and so on. Brands such as Oreo, Sephora and Target have leveraged Vine to get their brand communications across in creative ways.

#2 Brevity!
The beauty of Vine lies in the inherent brevity of the videos it permits to be uploaded onto its platform. While earlier, marketers were all about getting as much content across as possible with YouTube and Vimeo, consumers see a strong alternative way to communicate with the brand that are brief and on-point. So you can take one key USP or customer benefit of your product at a time and make a Vine out of it. If you want to combine several benefits, YouTube may still be the best choice.

#3 Capture in-the-moment moments!
The great thing about Vine is that you do not need to be a professional at video-making. Its easy-to-use features make it effortless to capture spur-of-the-moment events that you feel reflect well with your brand image. You can upload videos of live events, sponsored events or an unprecedented brand event. Vine lets you leverage the power of real-time.

#4 Multi-platform sharing
Vine videos are meant to be shared with the online community. And what better way to share your creative brand videos than on Vine’s platform and other popular social media platforms? Harness the power of your Facebook page’s reach, your blog’s readership stats and your Twitter follower count to share relevant Vine videos. Put out as many brand feelers as you can; going multi-platform with crisp visual content can garner the audience attention you seek for your brand. Do not forget to add hashtags to each Vine video!

#5 A great engagement platform
A social sharing platform thrives on its shareability. Likewise, Vine gives your brand a platform to upload share-worthy visual content and engage with your audience most effectively. Your audience can show their interest and appreciation through likes, comments and re-vining your videos. Several brands are engaging snippets of fan-made videos into their Vine videos. This tactic makes your brand more informal, and in turn, increases brand engagement scores.

#6 Promotional videos
Due to its shareability and transience, Vine is an impressive marketing and promotional platform. Besides creating branded looping videos that your followers will enjoy, you can incorporate contests on Vine. Additionally, you can show off your workforce, give your audience a sneak-peak into your brand’s day-to-day happenings, offer viewers snippets of brand conventions and so on. These strategies work well to keep your audience interested and consistently expect your brand to break conventional marketing paradigms.
Visual content always creates a great splash on social media waters; Vine packs the punch with its mobile and social sharing capabilities, coupled with the much-needed concision that marketing communications require today. Always remember to brand each Vine video or communication piece that you upload, so that your audience can associate your creative videos back to your brand.