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3 Ways LinkedIn Ads Can Take Your PPC Marketing to the Next Level

Like any form of digital marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a game changer for the companies that effectively leverage it, but it’s also continually changing.  That means forward leaning marketers need to keep their noses to the ground, testing which trends reflect significant inflection points, and which are little more than hype.

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5 Types of B2B Testimonials that Generate More Leads

Marketing for B2B companies has always been challenging. The vast majority of marketing techniques and avenues are targeted at the mass of consumers. Old-school outbound marketing techniques are especially consumer-focused with little to no ability to reach the managers and c-suite executives that make the sourcing decisions that matter. So it’s no wonder why inbound marketing has become such a hit among manufacturing companies looking for an effective marketing strategy. As it turns out, those managers and c-suites use the same search engine for their product and software research as they do when looking for a mattress or a new water bottle.

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4 Ways Email Marketing Is Getting Better In 2020

In the world of digital marketing, marketers make a habit of separating myth from reality—of in other words distinguishing between realistic assessments grounded in research and data and specious claims made by (typically) vendors whose motives are, to say the least, questionable.  It’s just part of the job. And they’ve come to know which sources are credible—and which aren’t.

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